Brian Husband, Ph.D.


Biomonitoring 2.0 – Research Collaborator

Professor and Associate Dean (Academic), Canada Research Chair, Tier 2, Department of Integrative Biology, University of Guelph


Dr. Husband’s research and that of his lab group is focused on the ecology and genetics of plant populations. They study the mechanisms regulating genetic diversity and phenotypic evolution in plants, and, conversely, how evolutionary processes (drift, gene flow, adaptation, genetic diversity) affect the ecological function of populations (reproduction, growth, persistence, extinction). To understand these relationships they focus mainly on plant genetic systems, those reproductive attributes that govern mutation, gamete formation, pollination, fertilization, and organization of genetic diversity in populations.



B.Sc. – University of Alberta
M.Sc. – University of Alberta
Ph.D. – University of Toronto


Selected Publications

Martin SL, Husband BC. 2012. While genome duplication affects evolvability in natural populations of a flowering plant. PLoS one 7(9): e44784.

Kron P, Husband BC. 2012. Using flow cytometry to estimate pollen DNA content: improved methodology and applications. Annals of Botany 110(5): 1067-1078.

Burgess KS, Fazekas AJ, Kesanakurti PR, Graham SW, Husband BC, Newmaster SG, Percy DM, Hajibabaei M, Barrett SCH. 2011. Discriminating plant species in a local temperate flora using the rbcL plus matK DNA barcode. Methods in Ecology and Evolution 2(4): 333-340.

Bainard JD, Husband BC, Baldwin SJ, Fazekas AJ, Gregory TR, Newmaster SG, Kron P. 2011. The effects of rapid desiccation on estimates of plant genome size. Chromosome Research 19(6):825-842.

Baldwin SJ, Husband BC. 2011. Genome duplication and the evolution of conspecific pollen precedence. Proceedings of the Royal Society B – Biological Sciences 278(1714): 2011-2017.

Kesanakurti PR, Fazekas AJ, Burgess KS, Percy DM, Newmaster SG, Graham SW, Barrett SCH, Hajibabaei M, Husband BC. 2011. Spatial patterns of plant diversity below-ground as revealed by DNA barcoding. Molecular Ecology 20(6): 1289-1302.

Martin SL, Husband BC. 2009. Influence of phylogeny and ploidy on species ranges of North American angiosperms. Journal of Ecology 97(5): 913-922.


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