Plasma Abattoir Filtered and Unfiltered available in different sizes from all species.

CatNameSpecies1 to 5 L6 to 10 L10 L
8310807Bovine Plasma K2 EDTA Abattoir Filtered Bovine204 €176 €145 €
8300807Bovine Plasma K2 EDTA Abattoir Unfiltered Bovine148 €135 €120 €
8310808Bovine Plasma K3 EDTA Abattoir Filtered Bovine204 €176 €145 €
8300808Bovine Plasma K3 EDTA Abattoir Unfiltered Bovine148 €135 €120 €
8310810Bovine Plasma Li Heparin Abattoir Filtered Bovine254 €216 €171 €
8300810Bovine Plasma Li Heparin Abattoir Unfiltered Bovine198 €186 €169 €
8310806Bovine Plasma Na Citrate Abattoir Filtered Bovine204 €176 €145 €
8300806Bovine Plasma Na Citrate Abattoir Unfiltered Bovine148 €135 €120 €
8310809Bovine Plasma Na EDTA Abattoir Filtered Bovine204 €176 €145 €
8300809Bovine Plasma Na EDTA Abattoir Unfiltered Bovine148 €135 €120 €
8310811Bovine Plasma Na Heparin Abattoir Filtered Bovine204 €176 €145 €
8300811Bovine Plasma Na Heparin Abattoir Unfiltered Bovine148 €135 €120 €
8311107Calf Plasma K2 EDTA Abattoir Filtered CalfInquireInquireInquire
8301107Calf Plasma K2 EDTA Abattoir Unfiltered CalfInquireInquireInquire
8311108Calf Plasma K3 EDTA Abattoir Filtered CalfInquireInquireInquire
8301108Calf Plasma K3 EDTA Abattoir Unfiltered CalfInquireInquireInquire
8311110Calf Plasma Li Heparin Abattoir Filtered CalfInquireInquireInquire
8301110Calf Plasma Li Heparin Abattoir Unfiltered CalfInquireInquireInquire
8311106Calf Plasma Na Citrate Abattoir Filtered CalfInquireInquireInquire
8301106Calf Plasma Na Citrate Abattoir Unfiltered CalfInquireInquireInquire
8311109Calf Plasma Na EDTA Abattoir Filtered CalfInquireInquireInquire
8301109Calf Plasma Na EDTA Abattoir Unfiltered CalfInquireInquireInquire
8311111Calf Plasma Na Heparin Abattoir Filtered CalfInquireInquireInquire
8301111Calf Plasma Na Heparin Abattoir Unfiltered CalfInquireInquireInquire
8314907Porcine Plasma K2 EDTA Abattoir Filtered Porcine214 €183 €152 €
8304907Porcine Plasma K2 EDTA Abattoir Unfiltered Porcine160 €143 €127 €
8314908Porcine Plasma K3 EDTA Abattoir Filtered Porcine214 €183 €152 €
8304908Porcine Plasma K3 EDTA Abattoir Unfiltered Porcine160 €143 €127 €
8314910Porcine Plasma Li Heparin Abattoir Filtered Porcine265 €233 €202 €
8304910Porcine Plasma Li Heparin Abattoir Unfiltered Porcine211 €193 €176 €
8314906Porcine Plasma Na Citrate Abattoir Filtered Porcine214 €183 €152 €
8304906Porcine Plasma Na Citrate Abattoir Unfiltered Porcine160 €143 €127 €
8314909Porcine Plasma Na EDTA Abattoir Filtered Porcine214 €183 €152 €
8304909Porcine Plasma Na EDTA Abattoir Unfiltered Porcine160 €143 €127 €
8314911Porcine Plasma Na Heparin Abattoir Filtered Porcine214 €183 €152 €
8304911Porcine Plasma Na Heparin Abattoir Unfiltered Porcine160 €143 €127 €
8316407Rabbit Plasma K2 EDTA Abattoir Filtered RabbitInquireInquireInquire
8306407Rabbit Plasma K2 EDTA Abattoir Unfiltered RabbitInquireInquireInquire
8316408Rabbit Plasma K3 EDTA Abattoir Filtered RabbitInquireInquireInquire
8306408Rabbit Plasma K3 EDTA Abattoir Unfiltered RabbitInquireInquireInquire
8316410Rabbit Plasma Li Heparin Abattoir Filtered RabbitInquireInquireInquire
8306410Rabbit Plasma Li Heparin Abattoir Unfiltered RabbitInquireInquireInquire
8316406Rabbit Plasma Na Citrate Abattoir Filtered RabbitInquireInquireInquire
8306406Rabbit Plasma Na Citrate Abattoir Unfiltered RabbitInquireInquireInquire
8316409Rabbit Plasma Na EDTA Abattoir Filtered RabbitInquireInquireInquire
8306409Rabbit Plasma Na EDTA Abattoir Unfiltered RabbitInquireInquireInquire
8316411Rabbit Plasma Na Heparin Abattoir Filtered RabbitInquireInquireInquire
8306411Rabbit Plasma Na Heparin Abattoir Unfiltered RabbitInquireInquireInquire